How to Convert a Honda B-Series Engine to Coil-on-Plug




Software Engineer / Racecar Driver

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Joel Guerra

Joel Guerra

Software Engineer / Racecar Driver

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This magnificient view is from the groud floor of Light house in Pondicherry, India. Entire staircase is painted with pastel blue.

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Anticipate and Adjust: Cultivating Access in Human-Centered Methods

Diagram with 5 boxes; bidirectional arrows connect each. 1. Identify stakeholders: list who will be involved e.g., participants, collaborators. 2. Define tasks for this stage. 3. Assign tasks to relevant stakeholders. Consider access needs, the benefits/costs of familiarity, other constraints. 4. Plan accommodations: Think about how to meet everyone’s access needs. Consider communication, materials, space, time. 5. Reflect: Review the plan. Consider access synergies or conflicts, power dynamics.

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